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Mini Trucks
Vehicle Use and Applications

Low Speed vehicles are designed to be used in Off Road applications. The vehicles have a maximum, not to exceed speed of 25 mph which provides a built in regulating device to prohibit high speed travel in areas that were intended for low speed limits such as college campuses, parks or master planned communities. Although the vehicles are compact and fuel efficient they are built to transport personnel, material and equipment at the same capacity of much larger vehicles that are more expensive to buy and operate. The Low Speed Off Road vehicles do not require licensing and the cost to insure is a fraction of the cost to insure vehicles that are licensed and used on public roads. The Low Speed Off Road operating restrictions will also insure that vehicles will not be used by personnel for reasons other than intended. Although sold as an Off Road vehicle, many states will allow these vehicles to be licensed and driven on public roads. Please check your local authorities for the applicable regulations and laws.
• Colleges & Universities
• Prisons and Jails
• Golf Courses
• Master Planned Communities
• City Governments
• County Governments
• State Governments
• Federal Government
• Shopping Centers
• Beach Communities
• RV Parks
• Ports
• Military Bases
• City, County and State Parks
• National Parks
• Power Plants
• Refineries
• Utilities
• Corporate Campus
• Industrial Parks
• Farms and Ranches
• Amusement Parks
• Stadiums
• Marinas
• Racetracks
• Airports
• Large Factories
• Hospital Campus
• Parking Garages
• Parking Lots
• Cemeteries
• Hotels
• Resorts
• Fairgrounds
• Landscapers
• Contractors
• Zoos
• Mobile Home Communities
• Mining Sites
Additional fees or taxes may apply.
Additional fees or taxes may apply.
Mini Trucks
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